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More About The Job

At Fasfa Transportation, the well-being and safety of children and staff are the top priorities for our drivers. They oversee transportation to and from school, after-school activities, medical appointments, and vocational training, ensuring a secure journey at all times.

To qualify for this role, all drivers must hold either a V or S endorsement and successfully clear comprehensive background checks, verification, and credentialing processes. Moreover, this position requires drivers to have access to and utilize a Smartphone device for efficient communication and navigation.

Essential Responsibilites

  • Adhering to company policies and complying with state and federal laws and regulations, our drivers prioritize the safety and welfare of both children and adults during transportation.
  • Guarantee that all students are securely fastened in appropriate safety restraints at all times.
  • Identify individuals authorized by parents/guardians to receive the children. Ensure timely delivery to designated authorized persons, as instructed by the Manager.
  • If an accident occurs, our drivers adhere to prescribed protocols, ensuring proper medical emergency procedures are followed. They also fulfill the requirement of submitting a written accident report as per Fasfa Transportation policy and regulatory authorities.
  • Diligently complete and submit various paperwork, such as daily trip sheets, vehicle inspection reports, gas receipt logs, attendance logs, and other essential documentation.